Intro Please!

Thank you for taking the time for stumbling onto my site today! I am not much of a writer or journalist, I haven’t won a Nobel peace prize for anything and most likely never will, my scribbles have less meaning than that of a 6 year old’s finger painting portrait. But what I do have is passion. I am passionate for life, love, bees, the outdoors, travel, my wife, my faith, my family, old cars, the smell of old books, libraries and seeing the workings of a cell under a microscope. you might even say that I’m a hopeless romantic. It’s these passions, and mostly my wife, that have inspired me to open a blog where I am able to share these passions with more people.

My wife and I met a year and a half ago, she being from Colombia and I from Oregon, USA. We share most of the same passions, minus the passion for fashion as she has. I had recently opened my own twitter account (laugh, I did) and quickly became embroiled in the growing debate of abortion. now, hold there. before you go, try to understand something. When I decided to open this blog, I had the option to label it as a certain category (travel, science, politics, etc.) and the only label that seemed appropriate at the time was “politics”. I hate the political atmosphere today, I truly do. All I see is everyone trying to blame the other side for all of the problems they themselves create. However, as I stated earlier here, I am very passionate about some things and one of those things happens to be abortion. I care very deeply about the rights of women, minorities and, well, everyone. I also care very deeply about children, both born and unborn. My wife and I plan to have children, hopefully when planned but we certainly won’t complain if one day we have a surprise, and we were both raised with traditional family values with her catholic beliefs and my evangelical Christian beliefs. So it might not be a surprise to know we might have what you would call “extreme” beliefs when the abortion topic is brought up. With this in mind, this blog will be geared toward this topic from the view of abortion, at any stage of fetal development, is murder. This blog will also feature other topics that relate to the beauty and miracle of life in travel, nature, human rights and family values. We named this blog “Alive for Life” because even though we might be biologically “alive”, we are more than just meat with no purpose. We are more than just animals with instincts. We want to live life to the fullest! Even at the moment of conception, there is Life.

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